SySTOR Blu-ray BDXL M-Disc All-in-One Multi-Media Flash Memory Back-up USB/SD/CF/MS/MMC to 1-2 CD DVD Duplicator

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  • Transfer important data from erasable flash mermory media to standardized CD/DVD, Blu-ray or permernant M-Disc and also duplicates audio CD, video CD, DVD video, Blu-ray Disc and virtually any data disc in a matter of minutes
  • Disc Spanning function allows large memory cards which exceed the capacity of single CD/DVD/Blu-ray to be placed onto multiple CD/DVD/Blu-ray automatically.
  • Multi-Session function allows several flash memory cards to be placed onto one CD/DVD or Blu-ray.
  • A complete standalone Duplicator with a 128mb buffer and the latest Blu-ray burners.
  • 3 year labor & 1 year parts warranty / Lifetime technical support.

Product Description

Back up your important data from erasable memory cards or flash drives to archival CD, DVD, Blu-ray or M-Disc! You can back up large size flash memory card to Blu-ray discs. This machine supports a BD-XL and M-Disc technology. BD-XL is a multi-layer recordable disc that can hold a capacity of up to 128GB. The BD-XL comes in two formats, a Triple-layer which can hold up to 100GB capacity and a Quad-layer that can hold up to 128GB. M-Disc technology etches your data on a disc permanently (M-Disc media is required). The M-Disc stores your data for over a 1000+ years unlike other conventional data storage like hard drive that can only last for up to 7 years, regular disc that last up to 5 years, thumb drive that last up to 8 years and tape drive that last up to 15 years. The M-Disc is the only permanent data backup solution. This M-Disc support machine is good for archiving data for a long period of time. The new SystorMedia Backup Center is your all-in-one, stand alone solution for data backup and disc duplication. No hard drive required, the SystorMedia Backup Center has a compact and stylish design with multiple memory card and USB drive readers built-in. Intelligent Multi-Session and Disc Spanning Technologies make data transfer as easy as one touch of a button. The SystorMedia Backup Center is also a disc duplicator that copies multiple disc at a time. Be the first to experience all the benefits that SystorMedia Backup Center has to offer!

Product Detail

  • Item model number: LYSB01HQI6DJK-CMPTRACCS
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